DIAPORT is a portable device for mesauring, testing and grading of polished diamonds. It can be used in the diamond-cutting industry, jewellery manufacturing and in any other fields where polished diamonds are used.

Because of its portability, you can take DIAPORT with yourself anywhere. It is also very easy in use - just put a brilliant in, press button, and you'll get all diamond cut parameters on built-in display!
You can also print the measured parameters on a sticker.

Summary report

An example of DIAPORT summary report

Full report

An example of DIAPORT full report

DIAPORT measures both round and fancy diamond cut shapes.
It also does diamond cut grading in accordance with GIA and AGS diamond-grading systems.

DIAPORT is a compact device placed in a strong case with a liquid-crystal display and function keyboard. There is also external printer for stickers printing. The function keyboard provides convenient and simple control. Main operations such as measuring diamonds and displaying or printing the results of measurements of a diamond, are performed with a single keystroke. The powerful specialized processor used for calculations, provides small time of measurement of a stone. Also DIAPORT contains a rotating table, vacuum pump for holding diamonds, light source, microprocessor control unit and a high resolution television system.

The principle of DIAPORT's work is based on measuring absolute and relative parameters of a brilliant's shape for shape's each main facet. Then system calculates an average value of parameters for a polished diamond as a whole. The measured results of all the facets are also given in a report presenting the average values of the most significant parameters.

There are five versions of DIAPORT (A, B, C, D, E) - for five weight ranges of brilliants (2.0-25.0; 1.0-5.0; 0.5-2.5; 0.1-1.5; 0.02-0.5 carat).

DIAPORT is used by Assay Office of Russia.
Also DIAPORT is used at more than 10 enterprises in Russia, including such big and known as Smolensk Kristall Production Corporation - has got more than 60 units.

You can view videoclip about DIAPORT here (1 Mb). view video


Weight of diamonds to be measured:
DIAPORT  A 2.0–25.0 ct
DIAPORT  B 1.0–5.0 ct
DIAPORT  C 0.5–2.5 ct
DIAPORT  D 0.1–1.5 ct
DIAPORT  E 0.02–0.5 ct

Measuring time

30 s
Linear accuracy±0.02 mm
Angular accuracy±0.2°
Dimensions 80×220×230 mm
Weight 2.3 kg
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