DIAMAX is an advanced technologic system for diamonds laser-processing and can do following operations:
  • Diamond sawing
  • Diamond marking (optional)
  • Diamond drilling (optional)
  • Diamond laser kerfing to prepare them for subsequent mechanical sawing or cleaving

Innovative engineering decisions allow us to achieve high-quality diamonds processing with clean cutting surfaces and low weight loss. Because of its small size and low maintenance, DIAMAX machine is a perfect solution not only for big diamond-cutting enterprises, but also for small and average-sized factories.

The brightest feature of DIAMAX is two-channel multi-scale television system, which permits to simultaneously observe the whole diamond and its selected part from two distinct directions. This ensures very convenient and precise setting of the sawing line, its automatic positioning within the laser beam plane, and real time control of profile of sawing.

Other features of DIAMAX machine are:
  • Optical system for laser beam deflection - ensures very accurate processing of diamond
  • Laser beam manipulating system for reduction of losses of stone weight
  • Real time control of diamond-processing
  • Stone cooling and ventilation system
  • Stone protection system
  • Very small size in comparison with other similar systems
  • Automatic double-sided sawing (optional)
  • Cassette processing (optional)
  • Green or IR laser (optional)


DIAMAX is based on a solid-state air-cooled laser and built as a desktop system.

It is consists of the following components: solid-state laser, optical system, television system, coordinate tables, microprocessor control unit, personal computer, ventilation and air purification system. Software provides convenient user interface for controlling diamond processing.

You can view videoclip about DIAMAX here (2 Mb). view video


Main unit 170×235×832 mm
Power supply unit

482×130×266 mm

Weight (including PC): 65 kg
Power Consumption:

600 W

Focal length 100 mm
Laser spot diameter 20 mkm
Sawing angle 0.015 radian
Max stone temperature 75°C
Average stone weight losses 2 %
Productivity 1 carat/min
Sawing plane size, max 40x40mm


Wavelength 1064 nm (IR laser)
532 nm (Green laser)

Output power up to 10 W
Pulse length 50 ns
Pulse frequency 10 kHz
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