DIAJET is the computer system for automated laser diamonds marking. It also has diamonds analysis opportunities, because it is based on DIAVISION - our diamonds analysis system.

DIAJET can do:
  • Automated laser diamonds marking
  • Rough diamonds planning
  • The analysis of diamonds for optimization of a polished diamonds cut
  • The analysis of inclusions in diamonds
  • Calculation of the diamond sawing process
  • Measuring and evaluating a polished diamonds cut
  • Diamond cut grading in accordance with GIA and AGS diamond-grading systems

Thus, DIAJET can be used not only for automated laser diamonds marking, but also for performing an expert evaluation of rough diamonds, for diamond cut planning and controlling and for final quality control of polished diamonds.
All its opportunities make DIAJET completely irreplaceable tool in diamond-cutting process.


DIAJET consists of a measuring unit, drawing device to reproduce a plan of marking on the diamond, power supply and personal computer.
The drawing device is a micromanipulator with solid-state laser and can draw marking lines on a stone of any shape.


Software is based on the algorithm creating a three-dimensional digital model of a rough diamonds surface and inclusions with its consequent three-dimensional analysis. The algorithm of analysis defines the optimal way of cutting the specific rough diamond within the specified set of diamond cuts and selects the best parameters for them, taking into consideration the crystallographic axis orientation.
As optimization criteria are taken the maximal weight and maximal value of the predicted polished diamonds.

The process of diamond cut planning can be performed with different automation degrees - from the interactive mode, where an operator manually prepares a plan of marking to fully automated planning of diamond cut.
The evaluation of a polished diamond being planned is made on the basis of the user-defined price-list in accordance with the following four parameters: weight, color, clarity and cut. The predicted color is set by an operator.

The ready plan of a diamond-cutting process consists of:
  • Description of each planned polished diamond, according to its geometrical and quality parameters
  • Sawing and polishing charts with the indication of polishing direction or grain and facet angles
  • General data, such as the yield, value and weight

All designed variants of processing of a stone can be saved in a database for subsequent use.


Weight of rough diamonds to be marked 1–25 carat
Marking line thickness 0.01–0.03 mm
Marking time 0.5–2 min

Weight of analyzed rough diamonds 1–25 carat
Analysis time 30 s

Weight of polished diamonds to be tested 0.1–15.0 carat
Testing time 15 s
Linear accuracy ±0.01 mm
Angular accuracy ±0.2°
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