DIACOM Ltd. is established in 1997 by the former staff of Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The company activity is focused on the development and manufacture of hi-tech equipment.

Our company has made great progress in developing and manufacturing of diamond-cutting industry equipment for laser processing, diamond marking and measuring. We has developed a line of diamond-cutting process inspecting instruments to implement performing through parametric testing over the manufacturing process, as proposed by the leading expert in diamond-cut technology, A.M. Bocharov, the chief process engineer of Smolensk Kristall Production Corporation. Our equipment can inspect all stages of the diamond-cutting process, from the operation of selecting rough to testing the cut and shape of polished diamonds. Some of our devices have no analogues neither in Russia, nor in the world.

Many of Russian and foreign diamond-cutting factories introduce our computerized systems for marking rough diamonds and testing the quality of separate operations. Our devices are currently used at the diamond-cutting enterprises of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Belgium, Israel, India and South Africa.

We constantly improve our equipment and continue to develop new devices.

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